We use a Science
led approach to
Health & Beauty

We use a Science
led approach to
Health & Beauty

Seaweed Science

The Science

SEABODY beauty and wellness innovation and product development is an intersection of circular economy principles, clean technologies, nutrition, phycology (seaweed science), cell biology to identify and validate the efficacy of seaweed derived molecules and compounds with key benefits for specific health systems including skin, bone, muscle, immunity, microbiome and digestive health.


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“We use a science-led approach to health & beauty. We harness natural marine bioactive molecules from seaweeds using state-of-the-art, sustainable clean technologies with zero waste“.


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Super Source Plant

Seaweed is a super-source of no fewer than 60 micro and macronutrients. These include minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, fibre and novel phytonutrients, a substance found in certain plants which have been used and enjoyed by generations of people living on the coast. Over millions of years, seaweeds have evolved innovative protective and regenerative metabolic pathways and biomolecules, which enable them to thrive in harsh ocean habitats.

Our proprietary ingredient



The hero ingredient in the SEABODY range is a Fucoidan extract. Fucoidan is a bioactive found within the cell walls of brown seaweeds that was first discovered by Doctor Harald Kylin from Uppsala University in Sweden in 1913.

Fucoidan is associated with being the power behind seaweed’s resilience, protecting it from numerous environmental stressors. Since its discovery, Fucoidan has been extensively analysed in global scientific research, with thousands of peer reviewed publications outlining its many benefits.

New Product Development

Apart from our talented and experienced in-house R&D team, SEABODY has a number of research links and partnerships in place, and is constantly looking to expand these as our demand for new products, new processes and new technologies grows. We will continue to invest in innovation to develop and scale a range of clean, bio-processing technologies, constantly expanding our portfolio of functionally validated bioactives and ingredients, including clinical studies.